Public Works Department

The New Iberia Public Works Department serves the citizens of the city by constructing, repairing, and maintaining the public roads, throughways, and right-of-ways in the community. They work year round to make roads and sidewalks safe and accessible by cleaning them of debris, diverting rainwater into storm drains, repairing potholes and cracks, and repaving roads when the surface wears away. They also build new roadways to suit the city’s needs. In addition, the department maintains all traffic signs and signals to insure that motorists can safely travel around the area. The department trims and prunes grass, trees, brush, and weeds in the public right-of-ways. They work closely with other city departments on construction projects and planning ventures to insure that public needs and access are met during the construction period and beyond.

For more information about what the Public Works Department does click on any of the links below or contact their office, located at 1303 J. Allen Daigre Drive, between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or call (337)369-2391.

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Reporting Maintenance & Repairs 

     Street Sweeping 

Sidewalk Maintenance

     Traffic Signs & Signals

Storm Drains & Drainage Ditches

     Tree Pruning & Trimming

Street Construction & Improvements