Residential License Information

The City of New Iberia allows home occupations in most residential zoning districts. A home occupation is defined as a business activity which results in a product or service that is conducted in whole or in part of a dwelling unit. An occupational license is required before a home occupation can begin operation.

Fees for a home occupation license vary according to the business. They are payable to the City of New Iberia Tax Office and renewable every year.

The license can be obtained from the City of New Iberia's Tax Office located at 457 E. Main Street, Suite 304, New Iberia, LA 70560, between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. For more information about licensing a home business or license fees, call the Tax Office at (337) 369-2341.

For the Occupational License Application click here.

For the Occupational License Tax Tables click here.