Travel Trailer / Mobile Home Safety

No travel trailer or mobile home – no matter how new it is – can be a safe shelter from storm force winds.

• FEMA Travel Trailers and Mobile Homes are the property of the Federal Government.

• FEMA Travel Trailers and Mobile Homes may not be moved.

• The unauthorized movement, and any resulting damage, to FEMA travel trailers or mobile homes may be prosecuted under federal law.

• The state encourages all travel trailer and mobile home residents to follow all guidance from parish or state emergency managers.

• State law allows for privately owned travel trailers and RV vehicles to be moved during evacuations.

• The State of Louisiana strongly urges those who must move their personal trailer or FV to do so before an evacuation order is given.

• Privately owned trailers over 8’6” wide, 75” total length, and 13’6” total height will not be permitted in evacuation traffic in either a voluntary or mandatory evacuation.

If Parish or State Officials Tell You to Evacuate

Leave as soon as possible

• Make a Family Communication Plan

• Tell someone outside of the storm area where you are going

• Take emergency supplies, warm protective clothing, blankets/sleeping bags to shelter

• Protect your home by unplugging appliances and turning off electricity and water

• Turn off the main electrical power switch

• Turn off the main water valve and disconnect the hose

• Turn propane tanks off

• Lock-up your travel trailer or mobile home and leave

During a Hurrincane or Tropical Storm Or Warning

• Listen to radio/television for storm progress reports

• Check emergency supplies

• Fuel your car

• Board up windows and check tie-downs on you travel trailer or mobile home

• Turn refrigerator and freezer to coldest settings

• Store drinking water

• Review evacuation plan

After a Storm

• Stay tuned to local radio or television for information from your local or state officials

• Return home only after state or local officials advise that it is safe to do so.

Any individual who lives in a travel trailer should pay close attention to radio and television reports to receive important information from local and state officials concerning hurricane precautions.