Yard Waste, Furniture, Light Construction Debris, Tires and Household Appliances

The City of New Iberia is contracted with Gordon's Disposal and Landfill, Inc. for collection of:

1.   yard waste,
2.   furniture and clothes,
3.   light construction debris
4.   tires - not truck tires (rims removed)
5.   household appliances (refrigerators with doors removed, stoves, washers
      & dryers, A/C units). Large or frequent amounts may be rejected.

These items will be picked up twice monthly.  Service for residents living north of the railroad tracks will be on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.  Residents south of the railroad tracks will be serviced on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.  There will not be a set day per household.  Residents are asked to place items at the curb on Sunday night.  Gordon's will begin picking up on Monday and continue through the week until collection is complete. 

To view the schedule in calendar form please click here .

Please place items in four separate piles and not with your household garbage. If you have any questions please call Gordon's at (337) 365-1229.

Materials should be placed parallel to street, at curbside. Do not place debris within five (5) feet of telephone poles, fences, buildings, gas and water meters or trees. Do not put items on empty lots. Do not mix yard waste or construction debris with household garbage.

Any work you contract for construction, remodeling, tree removal, lot clearing, etc., is not covered under city contracts. Your contractor must provide proper disposal of all materials. The debris from a demolition of a home will not be collected.

Yard Waste Guidelines
Branches, tree limbs, trunks, shrubs, etc. will be collected provided that each segment or piece does not exceed eight (8) feet in length, eight (8) inches in diameter nor be greater than one hundred (100) pounds in weight.  Do not bundle. Leaves and grass clippings must be contained in plastic bags or garbage cans weighing less than 35 pounds (no 55 gallon drums or cardboard boxes).

Mulch is available to the citizens of New Iberia on the first Saturday of the month from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm at 614 Coteau Road (Hwy. 88 – Gordon’s Disposal and Landfill).

Household Furniture and Clothes Guidelines
Furniture and clothes will be collected. Do not place garbage, yard waste or other debris on furniture.

Light  Construction Debris Guidelines
Sheet rock, shingles, 2x4s, concrete, brick, vinyl siding, flooring, carpeting, Celotex®, plywood and windows are examples of the materials which will be collected. These items may be piled at the curb. Do not mix with yard waste or garbage. Containerize anything less than 2 feet long. Creosote, asbestos, and batteries will not be collected. Paint cans are collected only if lid is off and the paint in can is dried out.

Car Tires
Tires will be picked up if rims are removed.  No truck tires will be picked up.

More tire info

We are NOT able to collect the following items: Hazardous materials, car batteries, liquids or paint cans (unless lids are removed and all paint is dried). 

If you have any questions please call Gordon's at (337) 365-1229.