Recycling Information

The City of New Iberia provides a convenient recycling program which continues to be supported by our residents.  We appreciate your efforts to make our City the finest.   Recycle cans are collected on the same day as garbage but every other week..


Recycling cans belong to Republic Services. If you move, please leave them behind.  The cans now have a tracking chip in them so that Allied can efficiently determine the residence of origin.

Residents can obtain a recycling can by calling City Hall at (337) 369-2300, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. and a can will be delivered to you. 

Aluminum Cans
Please rinse.
No: aluminum foil or pans

Tin & Steel Cans
All food product cans: vegetable, meat, pet food, etc. Please rinse. It is not necessary to remove labels.
NO: aerosol cans

Plastic milk jugs, soft drink, shampoo, bleach, detergent and any plastic container with 1 to 7 stamped on bottom of container. Please rinse and remove all liquids and caps. It is not necessary to remove labels. Drained, motor oil containers are acceptable.
No: plastic bags or materials containers i.e. muriatic acid

Clean, dry newspaper. Advertisement and comic inserts are acceptable. Please do not bundle.

Corrugated boxes and brown paper bags. Cardboard must be flattened. Remove all packaging materials inside of boxes. Chipboard or lightweight cardboard, such as cereal, detergent, soft drink and beer boxes, cake or tissue boxes is acceptable. Please flatten and place excess cardboard in the bin.
No: wax coated boxes (milk cartons, juice boxes, etc.)

Assorted Paper
Computer paper, office/school paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs and telephone books. Clean, dry paper items may be placed in a brown paper bag. Do not mix with newspaper.
No: paper plates or colored construction paper.

We are NOT able to collect the following items: Hazardous materials, car batteries, liquids or paint cans (unless lids are removed and all paint is dried).